“We think it’s very important not only to support Ukrainian spiritual heritage within our country, but to let our rich culture and traditions be seen and heard in other parts of the world. One of the objectives that we set for ourselves is to showcase Ukraine, to let the world see that Ukraine is not only known for turbulent politics, but also for its many young and talented artists, writers, filmmakers.”



Lada Firtash



FIRTASH FOUNDATION – is a family charity fund established by Dmitriy and Lada Firtash with the aim of long-term and systemic support for Ukrainian culture, fostering creative potential of the Ukrainian youth, spreading education.

· Improve general perception of Ukraine abroad, form a positive image of our country in the world.
· Facilitate development of Ukrainian art, showcasing the works of Ukrainian masters abroad
· Support Ukrainian language and cultural studies in the Western Europe
· Systemic support for projects in education, Ukrainian historical and cultural studies.
· Retaining Ukrainian unique cultural heritage and traditions.

 Businessman Dmitriy Firtash has a long history of social initiatives. As his portfolio of charity projects grew steadily, the idea to establish a special charity fund to manage social initiatives was gradually gaining shape. The foundation emerged in 2012, although charity activities had been going on since 2008.
 In 2008 the financial contribution to Cambridge University endowment allowed to start the Ukrainistic program.
 In 2010 the first Ukrainian scholarship appeared in Cambridge, giving opportunities to Ukrainian students to study for free in one of the world’s best universities.
 In 2011 the Foundation’s charity activities gained momentum in several directions:
- Group DF granted support for talented school kids with excellence in chemistry
- Dmitriy Firtash supported the II-nd poetry festival ‘MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ’
- The Chernowitz Museum of Arts was granted financial support for renovation
- Dmitriy Firtash wrote a check worth of UAH 500.000 to modernize Chernowitz regional theater of musical drama named after O.Kobylianska
 2012 saw the following projects in the Foundation’s portfolio:
- Group DF granted material support for All-Ukrainian national chemistry Olympics
- Dmitriy Firtash facilitated the 3-d international poetry festival ‘MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ’

“Education and culture are the most important factors that drive social and economic development of every individual and the country in general. This is the road to the future, this is our perspective. We have to take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves nowadays. I’m a strong believer in Ukrainian talented youth and its great potential. All you have to do is learn, develop yourself, expand your professional and personal worldview – and you will succeed.”


Dmitriy Firtash