Exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Art at The Saatchi gallery

Exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Art at The Saatchi gallery

Firtash Foundation and Group DF showcase Ukrainian culture in Great Britain

The first Days of Ukraine festival in Great Britain will take place in London from 17 to 19 October. The initiative for this event comes from the Firtash Foundation charity, whose sponsor is Group DF, the group of companies owned by Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash.

The project is being held under the patronage of the President of Ukraine, and the Mayor of London and Britain’s political and business elite have already expressed their support for the event.  According to Lada Firtash, the Chair of Firtash Foundation and head of the Organising Committee of Days of Ukraine, Londoners will have the opportunity to experience three days of Ukraine’s rich cultural heritage, as well as its contemporary culture.

The aim of the project is to create a positive image of Ukraine in Europe. During the festival, Firtash Foundation plans to hold a series of events involving famous Ukrainian singers, musicians and artists.  Both locals and visitors to London will be introduced to traditional and contemporary Ukrainian music, art, fashion and cuisine. Days of Ukraine will conclude with a festival day of Ukrainian folk art and gala concert featuring Ukrainian stars at the Potters Field Park in Central London, a park on the bank of the river Thames.

“The world still knows very little about Ukraine,” stated Boris Krasnyansky, the Director of Group DF. “Meanwhile, the reputation of the country has a significant influence, not only for attracting businesses to Ukraine, but also on the ability of Ukrainian companies to compete successfully on the global market. As a large international Group with our headquarters in Ukraine, we would like to help improve the way our country is perceived abroad.  Cultural diplomacy is therefore one of the priorities of our corporate social responsibility programme.”