Firtash Foundation carries on a heart-warming tradition

  On December 19 there was an opening of a small Christmas town in the capital of Bukovina, the city of Chernovtsy. A little fairy tale in the city center is, perhaps, the most eagerly expected winter period for the kids living in this city, as they can play with the magic characters, get a sweet gift, ride a pony and take a crake at the skating ring absolutely free!

  “New Year is the enchanting time and we do all our best for the kids to continue to believe in the good fairy tale, against all the troubles, since it is well-known that miracles happen where they are awaited. We are inspired by the good thanksgiving letters that we receive from children and their parents! That is exactly why Firtash Foundation provides an annual sponsorship of the Christmas town in Chernovtsy city for the purpose of cultural support and traditions conservation”, said the head of the charity Foundation Lada Firtash.

          For the purpose of New Year’s feasts the Foundation has acquired a skating ring that has already

been the best place for the little skaters on the central square for three years! In addition, the fairly house has already become a sightseeing attraction for the children from all over the region; and the Fair is truly as good as the same fairs in the European cities.

         Everyone is welcomed to the little Christmas fairy tale!