Premonition: Ukrainian Art Now


   Dear friends, On October 8th we open the second annual festival “Days of Ukraine in the UK”, which will be conducted in a new format and will be devoted to Ukrainian contemporary art. One of the missions of Firtash Foundation is drawing the attention of the international public to modern Ukrainian art and introducing the general public to an extremely versatile and original cultural landscape of the Ukraine.


  The art as the means of demonstrating the national values, grasping and reflecting reality – opens a way of communicating the singular cultural code inherent to the people of Ukraine. Thus the contemporary Ukrainian art reflects the profound social transformations which took place during the years of independence and we believe it is especially important now to focus our efforts on support and promotion of the Ukrainian culture’s achievements.


  “Premonition: Ukrainian Art Now” is a very special exhibition that will be staged in the well-known Saatchi Gallery in London and will pool 70 works of most outstanding Ukrainian painters. Represented in the collection are canvases and installations by such prominent artists as Oleg Tistol, Viktor Sidorenko, Zhanna Kadyrova and also new names heretofore unknown to the broad European audience.


  The exposition offers a rare opportunity to see the entire complexity and ambivalence of the processes going on in the Ukrainian society in recent decades. Thus spectators are involved in rethinking those substantial transformations which played a decisive role in shaping the image of today’s Ukraine.

Premonition: Ukrainian Art Now(VIDEO)


Come and see!


Lada Firtash

Founder of Firtash Fundation