Launched a project to support the Malanka-Fest in Chernivtsi

Malanka-Fest, a colourful Ukrainian New Year folk festival, was held on in Chernivtsi with the support of the Firtash Foundation charity.

This year the Festival attracted more spectators and participants than ever before.  Over 1,000 people made up 32 teams competing for the top prize.

This year’s winner was the Vaskovetskaya Malanka, followed by the Malanka from Kranoilska in second place.  The Malanka from the village of Gorbovo took third place.  

The competitors were judged on the following criteria: originality, artistic style, musical score and performing skills.

The founders of the Foundation, Dmitry Firtash and his wife Lada, plan to provide annual financial support for the festival in order to help preserve Ukrainian traditions.