Statement from Firtash Foundation Chair Lada Firtash

 The Firtash Foundation press service discovered yesterday, 3 April 2013, that an organisation calling itself the “Young Parliament of Ukraine” has, without our consent and knowledge, invited students from several Kyiv universities to take part in a trip to Europe, on condition they contributed financially towards the trip.  The students were also promised financial support from Firtash Foundation.On behalf of the Chair of Firtash Foundation, Lada Firtash, we hereby formally announce that neither the fund, nor Dmitry Firtash himself, have had any discussions with this organisation and have not agreed to any obligation to finance this or any other trip organised by third parties.All Firtash Foundation projects are listed on the website: The founders of the fund, Dmitry and Lada Firtash, pay close attention to educational projects, including the Ukrainian Scholarship programme and the Ukrainian Studies programme at the University of Cambridge, which were both established in 2010. These programmes are wholly financed by the Foundation. Firtash Foundation is a well-known foundation in Ukraine and we are disappointed that unscrupulous “activists” have attempted to use our good reputation for their own purposes.  On behalf of the Foundation, Lada Firtash would like to express her gratitude to the students who drew attention to what was happening, informed the Foundation’s press service, and helped to prevent this fraud.